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Song Name: Sandeso Devaki Sau Kahiyo

Official Name: None

Author: Sura Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa




sandeso devakī sau kahiyo

hun to dhai tihari suta

maiyā karata yeh rahiyo



yadyapi ṭeva jānati unakī

tau mohi kahioye

prātaḥ hota mere lālana rūṭhe

mākhana roṭi bhave



tela upaṭa no karu dāṭuń

jala kahi dekhi bhaji jāti

joī joī māngata soī soī detī

rama grama karite nahāte



sūra pathika suni mohi raina dina

baḍo reheka ḍara soca

mere āunaka laḍai to mohana

vai hai karate sańkoce



Refrain: Oh Messenger! Please tell Devaki my message. “Even though I was merely a nurse to Your son, Your son kept calling me mother.”


1) “Even though you know about His habits, you still ask me about his habits. In the morning, my darling is difficult to please and gets angry. He is pacified when offered capatis and butter.”


2) “When He sees hot water, soap, and scented bathing oils, he gets scared and hides. Whatever He asks, I only give in bribe so He can finally have a bath.”


3) Sura Dasa says, “O Messenger, in night and day, I am overwhelmed with fear. My curly haired enamoring is now hesitating to call me ‘Mother.’”



This song was featured in the 1988 television series, Mahabharata by B.R. Chopra (Episode 17)


UPDATED: July 9, 2009