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Song Name: Sata Sandhi Jara Jara

Official Name: None

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali



sata sandhi jara jara, tava ei kalevara,

patana haibe eka-dina

bhasma krmi vistha habe, sakalera ghrnya tabe,

ihate mamata arvacina



ore mana suna mora e satya vacana

e rogera mahausadhi, krsna-nama niravadhi,

niramaya krsna rasayana



1) A dancing puppet of a hundred joints, your mortal coil in its last moments: this physical form is doomed to destruction. Ashes to ashes, worm and dung, what was beautiful once is a horrible thing;


2) To adore it is the gravest misconception. My dear mind, hear the truth attentively: the panacea for this malady - chant Krsna's name constantly; Krsna is the life of immortality."



Bhaktivinoda Thakura uses this verse as a purport for Verse 3 for the Siksastakam.


UPDATED: July 9, 2009