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Song Name: Sundara Mora Mana Kisora

Official Name: None

Author: Anonymous

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





sundara mor mana kiśor

eso he śyāmal nayanābhīrām



bhajibo tomāy mor mana cāi

caraṇer rākhi ekṭi praṇām

eso he śyāmal nayanābhīrām



nayaner prema more lo’ye jāy

milaner sūr virohe sukhāy

praṇer devatā kabe nāhi kathā

nayaner dhārā mane nābhīrām



emni kore ār koto kāl

kāńdāle āmāy giridhāri lāl

ei jīvane hāy jadi nāhi pāy

maraṇer upare śaraṇa nilām





Refrain: O beautiful one! O youthful boy who lives in my heart! Please come to me, O dark Syamal, O delighter of my eyes!


1) The desire of my heart is to worship You intimately. In this hope, I humbly bow unto Your lotus feet.


2) O love of my eyes! Please take me with You! While I am suffering in Your separation, the melody of our impending meeting is the only thing that gives me any happiness. O monarch of my life! Why do You remain silent and never speak to me? Tears are flowing from my eyes, and nothing in this world gives me any satisfaction.


3) How much longer must I continue living in this condition? You are making me weep and cry out for You, O darling Giridhari Lal! If I cannot attain You in this lifetime, then I shall just give up and surrender myself unto death.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song became popularized by Vaiyasaki Dasa’s 1983 album “Transcendence.” It is rendered in Raga Misra Bhairavi in Kaherva Tala.


Verse 1 has the variation:

pūjibo tomāy” vs. “bhajibo tomāy” with the same translation.


Verse 2 has the variation:

āratīra dīp nibe nibe jāy

milaner phūl virohe sūkāy

pāṣāna devatā kabe nā ki kothā

nayanera dhārā māne nābhīrām


“The flame of my arati offering is being put out and the flowers of union is becoming dry in separation. Oh stoned-hearted Lord, why do you remain silent? Tears are flowing from my eyes and nothing in this world gives me any satisfaction.”



    Sundara Mora Mana Kisora


UPDATED: June 29, 2018