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Song Name: Syamera Gaura Varana Eka Deha

Official Name: None

Author: Madhavi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




syamera gaura-varana eka deha

pamara-jana ithe kara-i sandeha



saurabha agora murati rasa sara

pakala bhena yaiche phala sahakara



gopa-janama punah dvija abatara

nigama na paya-i nigudha bihara



prakata karala hari-nama bakhana

nari purukha mukhe suniye ana



kari gaura-carana-kamala-madhu-pana

sarasa sangita madhabi dasa bhana



1) Dark Krsna and beautiful Radha have combined in a single fair form. This truth the common people doubt.


2) That fragrant form contains the sweetest nectar. That form is like a tree filled with ripe fruits.


3) He who previously took birth as a gopa has now descended as a brahmana to this world. Even the Vedas do not understand Him. His pastimes are very confidential.


4) He openly revealed the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names. Now no other sound is heard from any man's or woman's mouth.


5) Tasting the sweet nectar at the lotus flower of Lord Gaura's feet, Madhavi dasa sings this sweet song.



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UPDATED: July 10, 2009