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KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar

Welcome to the KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar Page. Unlike the Christian and Pagan calendars which are based on the solar calendar, the Vaisnava calendar is based off of the Vedic calendar which is derived from the lunar patterns. Which the dates and holiday markings are consistent with respect to the lunar cycle, they are not the same every year with respect to the solar calendar. Therefore, Vedic mathematicians calculate the days of the Vedic calendar each year.


As it is almost impossible to accommodate everybody’s location and year’s requirements, a link is provided to a site that will automatically calculate the Vaisnava calendar for your location and year of interest. The other links will feature information about Vaisnava holidays.


GBC Vaisnava Calendar As the Vaisnava calendar is lunar based, it will differ slightly depending on the city. The program will allow one to make a custom based calendar based off of their location.


Vedic Year This is an introductory guide on measuring time throughout the year based on months, sub divisions of the month, and the lunar cycle in the Vedic perspective.


Ekadasi Information about Ekadasi.


Vaisnava Holidays Index of major Vaisnava holidays including a brief description within each link.


UPDATED: December 31, 2017