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Chapter 04: Review


Here are just a few points to keep track of.


-         Harmonium was introduced in India around the 19th century.

-         It was integrated into Indian music, as it was very easy to play and could go along with the voice pretty well.

-         It is used in almost all systems of Indian music, except South Indian music.

-         Here is a diagram of the harmonium. Remember that air is pumped in through the bellows. The keyboard is hit to produce sounds. The main stops control the air traffic. The drone stops allow one note to be played without using the keyboard.

-         Some harmoniums have a coupler which allows the same note one octave lower to be played simultaneously with the note that has been hit.

-         Scale changer is a feature to transpose or change the scale. The scale changer is not recommended.

-         You pump the air in with your weaker hand and play the keys with your stronger hand.

-         If you are a lead singer, you may put your harmonium on the side of your body with the weaker hand and play. If you are not a lead singer, you may play the harmonium directly in front of you.

-         Remember the safety tips from Chapter 3. Do not overpump air into the harmonium, remove all the air when finished, push in all open stops and lock bellows, double check for security and sturdiness, and never put the harmonium in a humid, hot, or a wet place.

UPDATED: June 18, 2009