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Hare Krishna!


We have finally reached the end of the KKSongs Khol Guide. Before I officially conclude this online mridanga course, I would like to say a few words.


As mentioned before, the addition of the specialized KKSongs Khol page arose from the necessity of our web community, not just ISKCON Chicago students, to be able to get guidance on how to play the mridanga. After seeing the success of the Spring 2006 as well as the upcoming success of the Fall 2006 group, I feel that students who truly have the time, the dedication, and self-discipline are able to succeed with this course.


Having said that, I further include that there is no replacement of a good teacher. Your mridanga teacher can inform you if you are missing a bol in Bangla ektal, or if ta doesnt sound resonant enough. It would be the most productive combination if one were to use this guide, with permission of the instructor, and get assistance from a teacher.


The Khol Guide is only but a drop of what is there in the world of studying khol. There are many more sixteen matra talas than just tintal. There are many more prakars of kaherva tala than the three we studied. I could have included prakars of every single tala and made it mandatory. I feel, however, that each student has a degree of creativity. Im sure if they listen to experienced mridanga players from the temple or from their favorite recordings, they will get inspiration on making their own prakars. The prakars will develop ones identity and style. The main of aim of this course was to introduce one to khol in order to play most kirtans and accompany most classical bhajans. For people who are interested in detailed learning of the rhythmic forms of Indian music, one may visit the KKSongs Tabla Guide.


Lastly, please keep practicing your bols, talas, lays, cadenza, and cycles. Accompany when you have the opportunity to. Please visit the KKSongs Audio page and accompany some of the songs there with your mridanga. You only improve after hours and hours of practice.


If there are any shortcomings or errors, I humbly request your forgiveness. Please visit the Contact KKSongs page found on the homepage of


Thus concludes our study of the Khol!


Hare Krishna!


With best wishes in service of Krsna,


Krsna Dhenu

Webmaster of KKSongs

January 10, 2007

Disappearance Day of Locana Dasa Thakura


UPDATED: June 11, 2009