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Hare Krsna!


After studying Indian classical music for nearly eight years, Lord Krsna gave me one interesting assignment. In January 2006, I was given the assignment of teaching students on how to play the mridanga, or khol, drum. As honored and elated I was in teaching a course like this, I was very nervous, as seeing what kind of interest came from the students as well as what obstacles would arise in teaching various aspects of the course. I had to design the course so the material wont be too difficult. However, I cannot water down the foundation of learning the drums of India in a precise scientific manner. The mridanga students must study mridanga in an organized and scientific system. With this, they will be able to understand how to accompany and be efficient accompanists. After the four month term was completed, I was truly pleased to see the outcome of what the students have accomplished. I hear from outside sources and devotees that the mridanga students are actively taking parts in kirtans and harinamas. It is with this faith and hope that I can teach again and produce the same results with my newer group of students, as well as my web audience.


A month ago, when I was given the task to teach khol again, I knew I had to entertain two types of requests, namely to accommodate the students, as well as the viewers. I cannot simply copy and paste links on a newer page, as this would not help our web students to the best of our abilities.


With my Spring 2006 class, I had tape recorded each class for many reasons. I found it useful in developing my teaching styles; it was also helpful in preparing for future groups. Now, it is helping me prepare this webpage. The text is paraphrased from my lecture recordings I have given for the Spring 2006 group. I added and modified the text to suit the web audience. I hope this presentation will help one understand and grasp the concepts of khol playing.


Hare Krishna!



Krsna Dhenu

October 9, 2006


UPDATED: June 11, 2009