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Archived News: Year 2007


December 31, 2007


Hari Bol!


Happy New Year’s Day! May one continuously get inspiration for their spiritual conquest back home, back to Godhead.


By Krsna’s mercy, the site has grown since January 1, 2007. From new formats of sites to new guides like how to read Bengali and Sanskrit. Many new ideas have been implemented this year and hopefully, many more new ideas, song lyrics, audio files, and much more will be added to the site next year. As there are many things to devotional arts and culture, there may be lull points here and there, but there is never emptiness of ideas.


Final update this year relates to the news section of the site. All news of 2007 (including this one here) is being archived in a compiled form called “Year 2007.” Any news posted for 2008 will be found on the news section.


With your kind blessings, let us embrace 2008 joyously!


Tomorrow, be prepared to see some new site changes! Hari Bol!


December 30, 2007


Hare Krsna.




Two more days until the New Year! With the new year, I’m sure many of you are buying calendars for the new year. If you do not have the BBT or a Gaudiya Vaisnava calendar, you may want to take advantage of our Ekadasi Page. Please visit KRSNA CULTURE à VAISNAVA CALENDAR à EKADASI to view the advent, the significance, the diet, and the dates of 2008 of Ekadasi observances.




The North Indian and South Indian instruments pages are being fused together to form the kKSongs Gallery of Instruments. It contains enlarged pictures (preferably the most innovated version, like the bolt-tabla, flat-back sitar, machine-tuned dilruba) with an audio clip, links to other parts pertaining to the instrument (example: KKSongs Instrumental guide links) and links to KKSongs Audio Clips.


In addition, more clips are being added to add a large frame of perspective of Indian instruments, both folk and classical.


December 23, 2007


Hare Krsna.


A minor update has been incorporated into the Bhatkhande notation (i.e. cells with the swars/bols). Previously, the Bhatkhande notation for comprised of a .jpg file that was pasted onto the page. Now, the format is a MS Word table that uses the same convention of tala numbers (red), matra numbers (black), swar/bols and lyrics. The benefit of this format is that it does not take as long to load a page, and it is much quicker to create and easily transferable to any presentation.


As of now the KKSongs Talamala is completed with the updated Bhatkhande notation. All of the former Bhatkhande notation will be replaced with the newer Bhatkhande notation by April 2008.


December 20, 2007


Hari Bol!


Happy Gita Jayanti! Today is the Moksada Ekadasi which carries the auspicious day of Gita Jayanti. Gita Jayanti is the advent of Bhagavad-Gita on earth. Most temples are celebrating it by reading the entire Gita and reflecting on spiritual realizations and few verses from it. Please check your temple to see times for the readings.


If you wish to celebrate this at home, you may visit the KKSongs Bhagavad-Gita page. (AUTHORS AND TEXTS à TEXTS OF THE VAISNAVA ACARYAS à BHAGAVAD-GITA) The page contain all eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita with the verses and bulk translations are separated out in the same format as any song in, which allows easier reading. If you wish to read the purport, please click the bottom red link which will transport you to another site containing the purports.


In addition, KKSongs contain the Gitar Gan, Srila Prabhupada’s Bengali poetic translation of the Gita. The link to each respective chapter will be found on respective chapter of the Sanskrit (for example, Chapter 1 in the original Sanskrit contains a link for Gitar Gan Chapter 1). In addition, you may visit the KKSongs Gitar Gan page (AUTHORS AND TEXTS à TEXTS OF THE VAISNAVA ACARYAS à GITAR GAN).


Do not forget that this is an Ekadasi day, so please fast from grains and beans.


Hari Bol!


December 15, 2007


Hare Krsna!


Yesterday, December 14, 2007, marked the sixth anniversary of! By the support and encouragement of the devotees and viewers, and the mercy of Krsna, this site has been growing nicely to accommodate many facets of Gaudiya Vaisnava arts and culture. Thank you very much for your continued support, encouragement, and patience as there are many construction areas within the site.



The harmonium guide is under a massive construction project. The chapters and content will change and certain chapters will result in rearrangement. The new guide will feature a changed syllabus with sound clips that will serve the Vaisnava community. The corridor should be completed by mid to late February 2008. Until then, please forgive us for the appearance and any inconveniences caused.


November 24, 2007


Hare Krsna!


Continuing with the musical updates…




With the exception of Raga Bhairavi and Raga Syama Kalyana, all of the clips for each raga are completed and available for online listening and downloading.




As majority of the guide was revised and changed, new audio clips and some revisions on older audio clips were done. Audio recordings are available for Lessons 2, 3, 4, 6A, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 13A (practice parts). The remaining lessons, 5, 14-19 will be completed hopefully by next week. Please stay tuned to the homepage for more updates.


November 17, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Few important musical updates:




Audio clips for ragas up to the end of P (Raga Purvi) have been added. The audio clip addition project should be completed by the end of this month.




Revised khol lesson texts are available with texts and photos only. Here are some new features of the khol guide:


1)      New Lessons added: Lesson 6A features tips on how to learn a rhythmic cycle, Lesson 11A features seven, fourteen, and ten matra talas as a “extra credit”, Lesson 13 focuses on eight matra cycles in drut lay, while 13A focuses in on drut cycles of six matras. Lesson 14 is split into 14 (playing cycles and cadences independently), 14A (applying cycles and cadences in eight matra scenarios), and 14B (applying cycles and cadences in six matra scenarios). Unit 5 has been included to feature four lessons on accompaniment.

2)      The guide will offer more practice pages and audio clips to allow listeners and students to practice along.


The audio clips are under construction. Once they are completed, they will be posted. The Portuguese translation will contain the old translation, until the translation project is completed.


November 10, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Happy Dipavali and Govardhana Puja celebrations! Before you celebrate this joyous occasion by circumambulating the Govardhana Hill of prasadam, please meditate on two songs describing the event, written by Srila Sanatana Goswami. “Jaya Vasava Yagajna Pitr Prsta and “Janitendra Rusam Sakra Mada” are both from the Krsna Lila Stava.


Another contribution of Sanatana Goswami for KKSongs is his commentary (translated in English) for the song “Namamisvaram Sacidananda Rupam (Sri Damodarastakam)”. The previous scholars in the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition have written numerous commentaries and purports to scriptures like Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. This purport is found by clicking the song link, and scrolling down to “PURPORT.” Another way to access this is by going to “Authors and Texts”, then “Authors Index”, and then “Sanatana Goswami.” The link to the purport is found on that page.


October 31, 2007


Hari Bol!


Thursday, October 25, 2007, was the start of Kartik (Vaisnava name: Damodara). For Vaisnavas, it is considered the month where devotional activities as well as sinful activities carry heavier weight. Therefore, activities such chanting and reading bhajans will improve the quality of the month. The song commonly meditated for this month is “Namamisvaram Sacidananda Rupam (Sri Damodarastakam).”


Two new updates regarding the khol:




With the kind help, knowledge, and enthusiasm of David Britto prabhu from Brazil, his translation of the KKSongs Khol Guide is completed and is now online for webviewing. To access this guide, please visit the English Khol Guide and click the flag of Portugal to read the guide in Portuguese.




Currently, both the khol and harmonium guides are in the process of updates and additions. The khol guide will add more practice exercises, longer audio clips for practice, and some more additional lessons. The harmonium guide will focus on doing the same. The kartal guide is under process of changing its presentation format. Once they are completed, updates will be posted here.


October 10, 2007


Hari Bol! Here are a few updates:




If anyone has attempting adding a comment to the KKSongs Guestbook and not seen it, please accept my apologies. Currently, I have forty-one legitimate additions, with nine more to go to fill the guestbook. However, sometime in mid-July, the guestbook was invaded with spam that I was forced to have all posts come to me for reviewing before it gets posted online. After cleaning up spam for months, I am not going to accept any more guestbook entries, temporarily. Once that issue is fixed, then I’ll reopen a new guestbook.




The KKSongs Ragamala and Talamala databases are undergoing an update for some new additions. All ragas of the Ragamala had their ragas recorded for the aroha, avaroha, and svarupa (pakad). I am in the process of cleaning them and adding tanpura in the background. So far, ragas beginning with A through H have audio clips available. For those who remember the old audio clips, the quality is better and is in the key of C, so people can follow the “keyboard diagram” in the notations page.


The Talamala will have my voice saying the bols of the cycle before they are played. Rerecording for the rhythmic cycles are also underway. Please stay tuned for that.




For Portuguese speaking devotees, you can have the opportunity to learn the khol through With the kindness and the help from a devotee from Brazil, a forthcoming translation of the current KKSongs Khol will be available soon. Please keep stay tuned to for more information regarding this.


September 25, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Another audio track is uploaded to In tribute to the late Sriman George Harrison, I arranged and created for an Indian classical/New Age style for the song devotees will remember him by, “Govindam Adi Purusam.” Unlike his version, I included the introductory verse and three more verses from the Brahma Samhita. The song is Isvara Parama Krsna on the KKSongs Audio Page. I highly recommend listening to the high quality version here.


Khol students, please note: there is no class on September 29, 2007, but I will be there to answer any questions. For students, please note that this is the website à


September 13, 2007


Hari Bol!


A new audio track has been uploaded: Gauranga Bolite Ha’be Pulaka Sarira. Please visit the KKSongs Audio Page to hear a sampled track, or click on its respective “Stream/Download” link to hear a high quality version.


In addition, today is a special day as it is the forty-second anniversary of the writing of the song “Krsna Tava Punya Habe Bhai” by Srila Prabhupada. Please read the song and savor the meaning. In addition, please hear the KKSongs recording of that to hear how it sung, so you may sing along too.


(Krsna Tava Punya Bhai lyrics and the song)


September 6, 2007


Hari Bol!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Janmastami and Vyasa Puja celebration! Annada Ekadasi is coming by on Friday (based off of Chicago, IL, USA calendar). Please check with your nearest Gaudiya Vaisnava temple to get an accurate date.


Newly uploaded in the articles page is an article regarding the festivals that take place in the early portion of the month of Bhadra called, “Appreciating the Pastimes of Sri Krsna.” Please click on ARTICLES to view the article.


August 27, 2007


Tomorrow (August 28, 2007) is the auspicious day of the appearance of Sri Balarama, the elder brother (and primary expansion) of Sri Krsna. More information regarding this holiday is found on the KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar Page (KRSNA CULTURE à VAISNAVA CALENDAR à BALARAMA JAYANTI). In addition, one may glorify Sri Balarama by singing the Balarama pranama mantras (Namaste Halagraha).


August 23, 2007


For students who are taking the Saturday khol classes in the fall, you will use the course website. This can be accessed by clicking the WEBMASTER à SATURDAY KHOL STUDENTS ( The flow of the course site will differ slightly from the KKSongs Khol Guide.


Remember, those attending class bring a mridanga with them. I look forward to seeing you on the first day of class! Hari Bol!


August 20, 2007


News Truncating:

Sometimes, many updates will take place in such a short time that viewers will have to scroll all the way down just to view the alphabetical index. Therefore, any more news that is lower than the “Webmaster” link on the navigation bar will have a link saying, “(Click Site News to read more)” where completed updates are found.


Krsna Culture Page:

To minimize similar categorized links, The KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar page and the Krsna Consciousness page are combined to form the Krsna Culture page. Anything directly related to the lifestyle, philosophy, and tradition of Krsna Consciouness (apart from the music, bhajan lyrics, language, and devotees) will be found on the KKSongs Krsna Culture Page.


August 14, 2007


Hari Bol!


Just a minor update that affects all of In the spirit of changing pages and making new logos, it seemed like it was time to change the logo to something with color and more evident meaning. The logo has color photos of Sri Nityananda Prabhu (left) and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (right) with a central tilak, which is a theme for most of the site logos. The khol and kartal represents the musical aspect of this site and the Hare Krsna mahamantra represents the central theme of this site.


I hope this logo is well enjoyed by all! Hari Bol!


August 13, 2007


Hari Bol!


New Looks and Redesign


For those who actively view the Music Center, Ragamala, Talamala, North Indian, South Indian, Authors, Language and Pronunciation, and Krsna Consciousness pages will see that it looks very different. Previously, most of the index pages of have been shaped as this index page with a unique colored background. To give a pleasing look, each index page will have a picture associated with the page with a format which is very similar to the KKSongs Instrumental Guides.


The Authors pages are also undergoing similar changes. The Major Authors Index pages of the authors will disappear now. The links on the Alphabetic Listing of the Authors page will have the picture of the particular author (if available), and the links for the purports, songbooks, and the links will be combined in the particular authors page. This will prevent excessive browsing through pages.


KKSongs Kartal Guide


As a project under its works, the KKSongs Kartal Guide is under construction. It will be completed by the end of the month.


Current Site Audio Project


The Ragamala, Talamala, Notations of Vaisnava Songs, and other parts of the site are having their respective audio counterparts being recorded. They will be updated periodically.


August 4, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Few new updates:


Instrumental Guides


For those who look at the KKSongs Sitar, Esraj, and Tanpura pages frequently, you’ll notice that there is a new look for the main page. The page will resemble the KKSongs Tabla, Harmonium, and Khol Page. This is set up for ease in viewing.


In addition, KKSongs will feature a brand new KKSongs Kartal Page. Even though kartal might not be as “difficult” or intricate as the other instruments featured on this site, kartals are an integral part of a kirtan. Therefore, a small guide will be made to describe how it’s played with respect to the khol and voice.


Vaisnava Song Notations


A few new Vaisnava songs have been uploaded. The songs “Krsna Jinaka Nama Hai”, “Kadacit Kalindi Tata”, and “Hari Haraye Namah” have been included.


Mahabharata Videos


For the KKSongs Mahabharata page, direct links to the video files of the famous 1988 Mahabharata serial were provided (from However, their direct links to the video files are no longer the same. Since there are no way to get direct access links to view the videos, one actually have to go to the site and watch the videos. While links to the pages where the videos are held will be posted, please do note that there will be many advertisements throughout (either in popup or playing before the actual episode plays). Please note that neither nor are responsible in the advertisements.


July 29, 2007


Direct links from the original song lyrics pages to their appropriate links in the Indian Scripts page have been included. One can click on the link which says either BENGALI SCRIPT or DEVANAGARI SCRIPT to see the song written in the appropriate font.


July 28, 2007


Hare Krishna!


It’s been a while since I have updated the site. Please forgive me for my delay in updating this site within the last month.


New Audio


Five new songs have been uploaded to the KKSongs Audio Page.  One of them is from Visions, “Jaya Jaya Hari Nama.” The four are from the recordings Chicago youth did at DePaul University in May. I played the khol in those recordings. They are absolutely worth a hear, especially in high quality.


Guestbook Changes


Lately, on the KKSongs Guestbook, I’ve been receiving a great deal of spam. Therefore, I have increased the security features. Therefore, to make sure no inappropriate or spam-in-nature remarks or comments are posted, ALL posts on the guestbook will be reviewed by me before they are posted for web viewing. For those, who wish to post their e-mail address, I strongly advise you to write your e-mail address as “” This way, spam software will not capture your e-mail addresses.


More Updates


Updates regarding upcoming Fall mridanga classes, linkage for Indian scripts, and newer songs will be posted soon.


June 9, 2007


Hari Bol!


Few new things to the site.


In the ARTICLES page, a new article has been posted regarding the significance of bhajans, the types of bhajans, and importance of singing them.


The LINKS page includes a sitemap which will help one look for links in without having to browse through the entire website.


The bigger update is that a new feature called “KKSongs Indian Scripts” has been added. This page contains Vaisnava songs that are rewritten in either Devanagari or Bengali scripts, depending on their original language. As these are in picture files, there is need to download fonts to view them. This page is found at LANGUAGES AND PRONUNCIATION à INDIAN SCRIPTS. Currently, fifty songs have been transliterated to their respective scripts. Right now, their original song lyric pages do not have the direct link available, although they will be available shortly.


June 2, 2007


Hari Bol!


Both, Bengali and Devanagari Reading Guides are completed. The Bengali guide is created with the intent that one has either completed studying the Devanagari guide or can already read Devanagari.


The Devanagari Reading Guide can be found at: LANGUAGES AND PRONUNCIATION à LEARN TO READ DEVANAGARI




The Navigation bar on the Homepage no longer has a DOWNLOADS link, for there was no real use of it. The DOWNLOADS link is found on the KKSongs Music Center


Two new song lyrics have been uploaded. “Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna Jaya Vrndavana (III)” and “Aho Me Moha Vitatim” are uploaded for online viewing. For listeners of “Dasi: Prayers by Women”, these are the “Glories of Sri Radhe” and “Pingala” tracks, respectively.


Lastly, two new song notations on the KKSongs Notations for Vaisnava Songs page are uploaded. Notations for Ar Koto Kal and Mama Mana Mandire have been uploaded for online viewing.


May 23, 2007


Few new updates:


A new update for visitors!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to read the Bhagavad-Gita without the help of transliteration? Are you planning to go to India and want to be able to read the signs that are printed in Hindi? You won’t need to worry now, for is now featuring a “Learn How to Read Devanagari” guide. Devanagari is the script that is used for Sanskrit, Hindi, Brajabhasa, Avadhi, Marathi, Nepali, and many other languages of India. Currently, six of the eleven lessons are posted, although the remaining five will be uploaded shortly.







Khol and harmonium videos online. (Unknown date)


Upon completion of the Devanagari guide, a “Learn To Read Bengali” guide will also appear.  (August 2007)


Eventually, a good handful of the song lyrics will be transliterated into Devanagari or Bengali scripts for our web viewers to enjoy.  (September 2007)


May 17, 2007


Few new updates:


On the audio page, two new recordings are featured. The two songs are Pasana Dhatu Mrd Daru (a song written by Sanatana Goswami) and Kadacit Kalindi Tata (Jagannathastakam). The latter is a lengthy song with a duration past twelve minutes. In order to allow viewers to sample the song, the quality is greatly reduced. It is highly recommended that one listens to the streaming version on the KKSongs Soundclick account.


Nearly fifty new songs have been uploaded to In addition, a good handful of those songs are by devotees that have never been featured through


Lastly, the KKSongs Authors Listings have been updated. One will be able to see the newer authors and relish their songs. In addition, viewers can also look at their favorites author listings and see if there are any new songs uploaded.


May 7, 2007


In the KKSongs Audio Page is now updated with a new feature. With the help of a separate KKSongs account on, higher quality MP3s as well as streaming audio is now available. The MP3s that were on the Audio Page before (the low quality MP3s) will still be available for downloads. Further information about the MP3 downloading and streaming is found on the KKSongs Audio Page.


April 30, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Happy Nrsimha Caturdasi! Today is the appearance day of Lord Nrsimhadeva. For information about this particular holiday, please visit the KKSongs Nrsimha Caturdasi page found at VAISNAVA CALENDAR à NRSIMHA CATURDASI.


In addition, the KKSongs Articles page features a new article about bhajans and kirtans that could be sung on this auspicious day.




The KKSongs Mahabharata Page is now featuring links to videos of the 1988 hit-TV series “Mahabharat.” The videos of “Mahbharata” are streaming videos from For the diversity of the population that visit, only the videos with the English subtitles are presented.


Please note that is only presenting links to the videos. These videos are not found on server. In addition, nor are not responsible for the content on the videos.


April 5, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Thirty-three new song lyrics have been uploaded online. A good handful of song lyrics include English songs from the compilation known as the “Avadhuta Files.” Others are rare song lyrics by very rare Vaisnava acaryas like Ananta Dasa, Jaya Dasa, and Vamsi Dasa to name a few. More bhajan lyrics will be uploaded periodically.


In addition, few lyrics have been updates or edited for accuracy. The song Jaya Narasimha Sri Narasimha has many more verses besides the five we originally had. Vowels changes to reflect proper pronunciation for “Vamsidhari Krsna Murari” has been done. (Vamsidhari is not a Bengali bhajan, therefore the vowels and spacing were redone to reflect the proper pronunciation of Hindi).


March 21, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Jaya Sri Rama! Around March 26, the celebration of the appearance of Sri Ramacandra is being celebrated. Please contact your local temple or Krsna Conscious center for your local dates. For more information on Rama Navami, please visit KKSongs Rama Navami Page.


On the Notations page, some new songs have been added. Radha Krsna Prana Mora and Sundara Bala have been added. In addition, our recurring theme of adding songs by Vaiyasaki prabhu is still under progress. All seven songs of Transcendence (1983) has been added (Antara Mandire, Sundara Mora, Jaya Radha Giri Vara Dhari, Bhaja Hu Re Mana, Om Namo Bhagavate, Radhe Radhe Syam Sri Radhe, Jaya Jaya Radha Krsna Yugala Milan [I]). Five of the seven Caitanya Candra (1986) songs have been added (Dhule Dhule Goracand, Gauranga Karuna Koro, Nava Gaura Varam, Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu, Je Anilo Prema Dhana). One song of Bhakti Ratna Mala (1991) (Pranam Tomai Ghanasyam) and one song of Charan Kamal (1994) (Vamsidhari Krsna Murari) have been added. Expect to see more songs within the next few weeks.


March 10, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Amongst all of the links found on the navigation bar, we have a new feature that will enable us to serve the Vaisnava community. The Vaisnava Calendar page is nearly completed. The KKSongs Vaisnava Calendar has information about how a Vedic calendar is composed, the months and day of a calendar, and detailed explanations of Vedic and Vaisnava holidays.


A few more holidays will be updated in addition to the article on Ekadasi fasting. Please stay tuned to the site to see these updates!


Hare Krishna!


February 27, 2007


Hare Krishna!


In addition to the growing resources of, a Vaisnava Calendar Page will be incorporated. The main purpose of the Vaisnava Calendar Page is to inform visitors about the Vaisnava months of the year, the holidays, and Ekadasis. People interested in getting the exact days of holidays are able to visit an external link to produce their custom-made Vaisnava calendars, depending on where they live and what year is being examined.


This project is still under construction. Hopefully, by Gaura Purnima (the Vaisnava new year), the blue link will be made available to you on our navigation bar.


February 9, 2007


A new instrument has been added on the KKSongs Instrumental Guides page is the KKSongs Sitar Tutorial. This page will give the basics of the sitar such as tuning, basic hand techniques, and ornamentation. Featured on these tutorials are videos hosted by Expert Village with musicologist Amie Maciszewski giving sitar demonstrations. Her videos are directly embedded on the page and are not affiliated in any manner with


February 4, 2007


A new article regarding the KKSongs Guitar-Sitar Project is found in the articles page. For musicians who are attempting to make their guitars produce Indian ornamentation, this is a must read for you! Sound clips are included.


January 29, 2007


Hare Krishna!


For those who follow up with our Khol Students that meet on Sundays at 3 PM at ISKCON Chicago, please note that the class has ended on January 28, 2007. As a result, the class webpage is taken down. Please note that the taking down of the page does not mean that the audio clips and the lessons will be lost. For these materials, please visit MUSIC CENTER à KHOL LESSONS. You will be able to find the khol lessons here.


January 21, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Few updates:


The KKSongs Articles page is updated with two new articles. The first article entitled “Music with a Higher Taste” sings the songs that describe Krsna enjoying bhoga and the glories of prasadam. The second article describes the recordings of KKSongs of 2006.




New features to expect in 2007 at are new KKSongs Khol Videos that will supplement the KKSongs Khol Guide.


A KKSongs Sitar page will be available before the end of January.


By the end of February 2007 or early March 2007, will feature an interactive Vaisnava calendar. Unlike many Vaisanva calendar that merely lists dates, the major Vaisnava holidays will have links explaining the holiday and its spiritual significance.


New English devotional poems and bhajans will be uploaded and be available as the site gets updated periodically.


Lastly, KKSongs is requesting assistance for any devotee who is fluent in written and audio communication of the Serbian language. We have a few audio clips of bhajans in Serbian, in which we would need assistance in both transcribing and translating. Please visit the Contact KKSongs Page if you are able assist us.


January 10, 2007


Hare Krishna!


Few updates:


The Authors, Music Center, Hindustani, Carnatic, Articles, Links, and Resources pages are slightly edited. The pages with multiple sublinks will have brief explanations on found on those sites.


Few new songs have been uploading to the Vaisnava notations page. Please take a look at new songs Boro Sukher Khabor Gai, Jaya Radha Giri Vara Dhari, and Radhe Radhe Syam Sri Radhe (edited).


Lastly, the KKSongs Khol Guide is now complete and available for online viewing.


January 6, 2007


Hare Krishna!


On the Vaisnava song notations page, there are notations available for the songs Jaya Jaya Jagannatha Sacira Nandan, Ami Yamuna Puline (or any song based on Raga Des in Bangla Ektal), He Govinda He Gopala Kesava Madhava Dina Doyal, Jaya Madhava Madana Murari, and Parama Karuna.


In addition to the above songs, a KKSongs Visitor requested for harmonium notations for the songs especially sung by His Grace Vaiyasaki prabhu. In order to honor this request, we are starting off with his Transcendence album. We have three songs of this album uploaded namely Antara Mandire Jago Jago, Sundara Mora, and Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. Mahamantra tunes are not included as they are subject to high level of improvisation. Please visit Expect songs from the remainder of Transcendence, Caitanya Candra, Bhakti Ratna Mala, Carana Kamal, and Divya Lila posted.