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Raga Name: Bangala

That Name: Khammaja

Aroha: N S n S R m m P D n S

Avaroha: S N S n D m m P G R m R S

Jati: Sadava Sampurna

Vadi: m

Samvadi: S

Swarupa: m D P m G R S R m m

Prahar: 1st Prahar (3 AM to 6 AM)


Raga Information:

This is a morning raga that is found in many Bengali morning bhajans including Samsara Davanala Lida Loka. For this reason, this raga is known by Bengalis as Mangala Aratik raga. This song has strong focus on ma that it is easy to lose focus on which is the real tonic. As the morning progresses, the Pa and suddha Ni can have more presence.


UPDATED: August 19, 2015