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Raga Name: Hamsadhwani

That Name: Bilavala

Aroha: S R G P N S’

Avaroha: S’ N P G R S

Jati: AudavaAudava

Vadi: R

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: R G P (G)R G P N P G R S

Prahar: 6th Prahar (6 PM to 9 PM)


Raga Information:

Raga Hamsadhwani is a raga which came from the Carnatic or South Indian system of music. Its flow is that of a simple pentatonic raga. Some will try to place it in the Bilavala Thāt while it has many properties and flows of the Kalyan Thāt. As it is very confusing to classify a “foreign” raga, it is often considered by musicians to be “thāt-less.” Nonetheless, it is a raga many musicians use in Hindustani music using Hindustani methods of rendering a raga.



Raga Hamsadhwani


Songs found on this website in Hamsadhwani:

Song: Govinda Kesava Janardana Vasudeva (2005)


UPDATED: April 5, 2009


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