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Raga Name: Malhara

That Name: Kafi

Aroha: S R P m P n D N S

Avaroha: R N S D n m P g m R S

Jati: Sadava Sampurna

Vadi: R

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: R P g m R S 'n 'D 'N S

Prahar: N/A


Raga Information:

Raga Malhara, or Miyan Malhara, is a raga that is sung extensively during the monsoon time. This is a raga where many musicians experiment with the uttaranga. Even though chromatic forms are considered taboo in North Indian music, musicians tend to connect both komal and suddha Ni together to create that dark monsoon feel. Raga Megha is also a monsoon raga but it does not have that desired intensity as Raga Malhara. Rupa Goswami uses this raga in his Stavamala compositions.


UPDATED: September 1, 2015