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Raga Name: Puriya

That Name: Marwa

Aroha: 'N r G M D N D N r' S'

Avaroha: N r' N D N M D G M G,M G r S

Jati: Sadava Sadava

Vadi: G

Samvadi: N

Swarupa: G M D G M G M G r S 'N 'D 'N

Prahar: 5th Prahar (3 PM to 6 PM)


Raga Information:

Raga Puriya, the descendent of the Marwa matrix, and the ancestor of ragas like Puriya Dhanasri and Puriya Kalyana, is the almost forgotten raga which interestingly unusual properties. This raga behaves very similarly like Raga Marwa in the respect that it tends to the skip the Sa, although it can tolerate some presence of Sa. However, the focal points in this raga are the Ga and Ni, while Dha is underemphasized. It favors Ni to the point that the swarupa ends at Ni, rather than a note that has a harmonic relation with Sa. (The notes N, r, and M have the most dissonant relationship with Sa.) Unlike Marwa, the mood of this raga is more playful than and not as serious as Marwa.



Raga Puriya


UPDATED: June 13, 2009