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Raga Name: Sri

That Name: Purvi (some will say Sri That)

Aroha: S r M P M P d P N S

Avaroha: S r N d P (M)P (P)r (P)r G r S

Jati: Sadava Sampurna

Vadi: r

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: r P M P d P (P)r G r S

Prahar: 5th Prahar (3 PM to 6 PM)


Raga Information:

Sri (another name of Laksmi) is one of the original six janaka-ragas. The janaka ragas represent the six seasons of the year. This raga represents the winter season. If one takes special note of the prahar, one will know that around this time frame, the sun sets earlier than before, thus creating a twilight feel. Usually, the Purvi That ragas of this prahar are performed toward the latter half. This one, however, is performed earlier in the prahar, to depict the sunset that is impending. As far as raga structure is concerned, this raga is not like the Purvi ragas, where Ni has great importance. This raga is similar to Raga Lalita, where Sa starts the raga off. Some Vaisnava musicians accept the Bhatkhande thats, with an additional Sri That. If this is the case, this represent the Sri That.


As far as harmonic structure is concerned, the vadi-samvadi pair is quite unusual as komal re and Pa are the vadi-samvadi pair, despite the fact that the interval is quite unfavorable. This raga probably has the biggest mind, or glissando, from komal re and Pa.



Raga Sri


UPDATED: June 13, 2009