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Raga Name: Subha Kalyana

That Name: Kalyana

Aroha: S R G P D n S’

Avaroha: S’ n D P G P G R S ‘n ‘D S

Jati: SadavaSadava

Vadi: S

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: P D n D P G R S 'n 'D S

Prahar: 7th Prahar (9 PM to 12 AM)


Raga Information:

Raga Subha Kalyana (“auspicious fortune”), popularly known as Jana-Sammohini, is a popular raga, which was assumed to be brought from the Carnatic system. It is essentially similar as Raga Kalavati with an additional and significant use of suddha Re. This raga is sung in the night as the welcoming of the night. A famous bhajan in this raga is “Pathika Tuma Itno Kahiyo Jaye.”



Raga Subha Kalyana


UPDATED: June 13, 2009