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Raga Name: Vrndavani Saranga

That Name: Kafi

Aroha: S R m P N S

Avaroha: S n P m R m R S N S

Jati: Audava Audava

Vadi: R

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: P n P m R m R N S

Prahar: 8th Prahar (12 AM to 3 AM)


Raga Information:

Raga Vrndavani Saranga is a raga from the Saranga class of ragas which are performed at late night. Its scale is very similar Madhyamad Saranga, with the N having more importance. Like the class of the Saranga ragas, it is not usual to add a grace note of D when working with P or n.



Raga Vrndavani Saranga


Songs found on this website in Vrndavani Saranga:

Instrumental: Vacya O Vacaka Dui Swarupa (2004)


UPDATED: June 13, 2009

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