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Raga Name: Yaman

That Name: Kalyana

Aroha: N R G M D N S

Avaroha: S N D P M G R S

Jati: Sadava Sampurna

Vadi: G

Samvadi: N

Swarupa: N R G M P R G R N R S

Prahar: 6th Prahar (6 PM to 9 PM)


Raga Information:

Raga Yaman, also known as Raga Iman, is a night raga which is very romantic in nature. Some say its origin is from the Persian mode Eiman from which Yaman came about. Others say it has Vedic origins as Raga Yamuna which through time had its pronunciation altered as Yaman. Nonetheless, this raga is often taught to beginners in North Indian music.


There is another similar raga called Yaman Kalyana, which is the exact same structure, except there is an addition of suddha ma which is so skillfully sandwiched by a suddha ga and suddha re.



Raga Yaman


Songs found on this website in Raga Yaman:

Instrumental: Raga Yaman (2008)


UPDATED: June 13, 2009