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Song Name: Ab To Hari Nam Dhun Lo Lagi

Official Name: None

Author: Mira Bai

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa





ab to hari nām dhun lo lāgī, sādho!

saba jaga bolata mākhan corā,

nām dharo vairāgī!



kaha chāḍi vahu mohan murali?

kaha chāḍi saba gopī?

mora mundāyi gora kati bandhī,

māne na mānī gopī!



māta yasomati mākhan coran

bāndhi jāki bāha,

śyāma kiśor bhaye nava gorā,

caitanya jāko nām!



pitāmbar ko bhāva dikhāvai,

kaṭi kaupīna base,

gore kṛṣṇa ki dāsi mīrā,

jasa na kṛṣṇa bane na bane!


ab to hari nām dhun lo lāgī!



1) O pious souls! Now, my consciousness is absorbed into the chanting of the Names of my Hari! The entire world addresses Him as the Butter Thief. But now, He has become a monk who given up the world (vairagi).


2) O my dearest Mohana (Enchanter, Krsna)!  Why have You discarded Your intimate companion, the Divine Flute? And why have You renounced all the cowherd girls? You appear now with shaven head and saffron cloth at Your waist! But this clever cowherd girl uncovers Your disguise and doesn't care to conceal it!


3) Now, it seems like Mother Yasoda has tied up the both arms of Butter Thief! My Dark Beloved has now reappeared as the newly fresh Golden Lord whose name is 'Caitanya'!


4) Though clad Himself in torn loincloth, His yellow garnment as well as His inner loving sentiments are revealed to me. Mirabai is the maid-servant of the Golden Krsna (Caitanya), whether the Glory of my Krsna is recognized by all or not!


Remarks/ Extra Information:

Mira Bai glorifies Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


This song was popularized by Sudha Malhotra in her 1987 ISKCON album “Nam Smaran.”


UPDATED: October 9, 2015