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Song Name: Agam Agocar Gora Akhil

Official Name: None

Author: Vasudeva Ghosa

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




agam agocar gora akhil brahma-par,

veda upar, najane pasandi mati bhora



nitya-nityananda caitanya govinda

pandit gadadhar radhe caitanya yugala-rupa


kebol raser kup avatar sadasiva sadhe

antare nave-ghana bahire gaura tanu


yugal rupa parkase kahe vasudeva ghose

yugal bhajan base janame janame rahu asa


1) Lord Gaurasundara, who is beyond the view of the scriptures, beyond the entire Brahman, and above even the Vedas, can never be known by the atheists whose intelligence is dull.


2) Lord Nityananda is His eternal self. Lord Caitanya is Lord Govinda Himself and Pandita Gadadhara is none other than Sri Radha. The divine couple, who are present in Sri Caitanya, are a well of rasa.


3) Advaita Acarya (Sadasiva) has prayed for His descent. Within He is blackish but of a golden hue without, the manifestation of the divine couple.


4) Thus Vasudeva Ghosa sings of the beauty of this divine couple - Sri Gaura-Gadadhara - in whose worship he has been completely subjugated. He prays that he will desire to serve them birth after birth.



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UPDATED: October 15, 2015