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Song Name: Akula Ganger Naiya

Official Name: None

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




akūla gańger naiyā, kṛṣṇa nāmer baiṭhābe jolbe tori baiyā



kiser baiṭhā nayaner jol dūrjane re duhkhāi bol

āsabe ābār sukhe pābo ṭūṭī kūl bāsaiyā (re)



akhri jale jorāi re mon kṛṣṇa nāme hare madan

kṛpa pābon nebere tol kālo megha laiyā



(Refrain) On the bank of the Ganga River, I will cross this river by the boat of Krsna’s name.


1) Living in a materialistic life, with tears of sadness, I have come to the boat. I will attain happiness when I board in.


2) Oh mind, remember the Lord dark as a thundercloud, by the names of Krsna, Hare, and Madana Mohana. With tears in my eyes, with folded hands, please give me Your mercy.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song is a traditional Bangladeshi bhajan from a tape of Krsna bhajans in Bengali. This is found on


UPDATED: May 10, 2009