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Song Name: Amar Nitai Mile Na

Official Name: None

Author:  Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





āmār nitāi mile nā bholā mana

gaura mile nā

sārā gāye mākhile tilak

gaura mile nā



bhitor bāher ṭhik nā hole

suddha gaura prem ki kothāy mile

o tor ṭhik nā hole upāśanā

milbe nā tor se sonā



mana pariskār koro āge

gaura bhajan anurāge (anurāge, bholā mana, mana re āmār)

anurāge tilakete

gaura bhajan holo nā (hāi bholā mana)



jei jana nitya bastu ādor kore

āmār doyāl nitāi tāńhāra ghore

tāre bhakti bhāve ḍākle pore

utor sādhan saphal habe (viphal habe nā)



1) O nave mind, I did not meet Nitai! I did not meet Gaura! Even though my entire body is covered with tilak, I did not meet Gaura!


2) How can you come across the love of Sri Gaura if you are not proper, internally and externally? If your worship is not proper, you will not find that gold (love of Sri Gaura)!


3) With cleansing of ones mind, one can develop love for Sri Gaura. But if you develop love for decorating your body with tilak, you are not worshipping Lord Caitanya! (O my nave mind, you are not worshipping Gaura!)


4) To that person who always respects this item (the love of Lord Caitanya), my merciful Nitai will be present at their home. If you call out with feelings of devotion, your austerity will become successful. (It will not become a failure!)


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song was popularized by Vaiyasaki Das in his 1996 album Divya Lila. This bhajan is a folk song written in the Baul style.


This is rendered in Raga Misra Bhairavi in Khemta or Dadra Tala.


UPDATED: October 17, 2015