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Song Name: Ami Opar Hoy Boseyachi Ohe Doyamoy

Official Name: Lalon Giti

Author: Lalon

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




āmi opār hoy bośeyachī ohe doyamoy!

pāre loye jāo āmāy



āmi ekā roilām ghāṭe

bhanu se bośilen pāte

(āmi) tomā bin e ghor śońkote

dekhi upāy



nāhi āmār bhajan śādhan

cīrodīn bipathe gaman

nām śunechi patita pāvana

tāi to dei dohāi



agatir na dile gati

oi nāme rabe akhyati

lālon koy akuler pati

lālon koy adhamer prati

ke bolbe tomāy



Refrain: I am at the other site over the shore, Merciful Lord! I'm in no state to make the crossing! Please ferry me to the other side.


1) I alone await the ferry. The Friend sits on are boat's planks. At this hour of crisis, No one but you can save me.


2) I did not practice regulations, nor have I done bhajan. Every day, I tread on the path of destruction. I take the name of the Redeemer of the Fallen. That's why I crave Your mercy,


3) If you don't help redeem me, then Your name (as the Redeemer of the Fallen) will be a misnomer. The one without a family and poor Lalon, “In that event, no one will call You, the Redeemer of the Fallen”



This song is commonly sung in Raga Bhairavi. This folk song is well known amongst the Bengali folk artists and the Bauls.


This song gained popularity amongst devotees via Vaiyasaki Das’s 2009 album, “Sri Krsna Divya Nam.”


UPDATED: May 10, 2009