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Song Name: Ar Koto Kal

Official Name: None

Author:  Mira Bai

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





ār koto kāl, giridhārī lāl

ārāle ārāle robe

nayaneri jāl jhori abirol

daraśana pābo kabe



tomār caraṇa prabhu niyechi saraṇa

pujār kusūm sama ei tanu mana

akul āmār ei maram meri āśā

tabe ki biphale jābe



dekha jadi nāhi dibe aganir doyā

tabe keno dile āśā bhoriyā hṛdoy

mirār parāṇe tomāri kāmanā

daraśana pābo kabe



1) After how long will I see You, O darling Giridhari Lal? Until then, I will simply remain here, waiting and waiting! Tears are flowing incessantly from my eyes. O when will I attain Your vision?


2) O Lord, I have taken shelter of Your lotus feet. In Your worship, I offer my body and mind as flowers. My heart is fervent with these aspirations. Will they go unfilled?


3) If You will not give me a glimpse of Yourself out of limitless mercy, then why have You given me this desire that completely fills my heart? O life and soul of Mira! My desire is only for You! O when will I ever attain Your vision?


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This Mira Bai bhajan, originally in Hindi, was translated into Bengali by Bangladeshi Vaisnavas. This bhajan was also popularized by Vaiyasaki Das through his album Carana Kamal in 1994. Rendered in Raga Dhani in Kaherva Tala.



    Ar Koto Kal


UPDATED: October 16, 2015