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Song Name: Back and Forth on the Blossomed Flower Spring

Official Name: The Swing

Author: Avadhuta Files

Book Name: None

Language: English




Back and forth on the blossomed-flower swing

Ride smiling Radha and Krsna a sweet pair

Of smiling graceful forms in fragrant air

Happily moving as the gopis sing



Songs about Their glories Now a string

Of sweet white jasmine flowers wraps Their fair

And dark forms. Now Their glory shines Ah Their

Happy beautiful smiling, glistening



Eyes exchange a playful amorous glance.

Their smiles a glorious declaration tell

Of sweetest deepest heartfelt nectar love.

Playing on the forest swing They move

While the restless god of sweet mystic romance

Holds Them sweetly tightly in His spell.



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UPDATED: October 20, 2015