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Song Name: Bello Es Su Rostro Sin Igual

Official Name: Nanda Nandastakam

Author: Atulananda Acarya

Book Name: None

Language: Spanish




Bello es Su rostro, sin igual;

con enjoyados kundalas

Ungido en fresco candana,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



Sus ojos lotos al brotar,

Su pluma de pavo real

Mil cupidos suele encantar,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



Su nariz con su mauktikam,

Sus dientes de hermoso brillar

Nueva nube oscura, otoñal;

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



Su flauta venu hace vibrar,

cual elefante es Su andar

Brilla bello amarillo chal,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



En tres muestra hermoso curvar,

Sus uñas lunas en brillar

Lo adornan valiosas ratnas,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



Fragante cuerpo cual azahar,

en Su pecho la Kaustubha

Su hermosa marca Srivatsa,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



El amado de Vrndavan,

Se viste hermoso en Su vilas

Quita a Indra su vanidad,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



A las bellas gopis de Vraj,

les da siempre felicidad

Como así a toda otra entidad,

yo adoro a Nanda-nandanam



Quien Nanda-nandanastakam,

con fe acostumbre recitar

Cruzará el mundo material,

e irá a los pies de Sri Krsna



1) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, whose face is extremely delightful, in whose beautiful ears hang jeweled earrings, and whose entire body is anointed with fragrant candana.

2) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, whose eyes are more beautiful than the fully bloomed lotus, whose head is beautifully adorned with an arrangement of peacock feathers, and who enchants millions of Cupids.

3) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, from whose beautiful nose hangs an elephant-pearl, whose teeth are immensely effulgent, whose bodily complexion is more beautiful and lustrous than a fresh rain cloud.

4) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, whose lotus hands hold the flute, whose lingering gait defeats even that of an impassioned elephant, and whose dark limbs are beautified by a yellow shawl.

5) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, whose threefold-bending posture is exquisitely elegant, the effulgence of whose toe-nails put to shame even the moon, and who wears invaluable jewels and ornaments.

6) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, whose body exudes an especially beautiful fragrance, and whose broad chest is adorned with the kaustubha jewel and the mark of srivatsa.

7) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, the expert lover of Vrindavana who performs immaculate pastimes and who is attired in clothes which are suitable for those pastimes, and who pulverized the pride of Indra.

8) I offer pranama to Nandanandana, who as the lover of the Vraja gopis perpetually delights them and who enchants the minds of all living entities.

9) Whoever regularly recites this (Sri Nanda-nandanastakam) will easily cross the seemingly insurmountable ocean of material existence and attain eternal residence at the lotus feet of



This is the Spanish translation of the song “Sucaru Vakrta Mandalam.”


UPDATED: June 25, 2009