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Song Name: Etal Lila Stava Nama Stotram

Official Name: Phala Srutih Verses 431 to 432

Author: Sanatana Goswami

Book Name: Krsna Lila Stava

Language: Sanskrit




etal-līlā-stavaḿ nāma stotraḿ śrī-kṛṣṇa tārakam

praṇāmāṣṭottara-śate yo'rthāvagama-pūrvakam



kīrtayet so'cirād bhakto labhatāḿ kṛpayā tava

rūpe nāmani līlāyām ākrīḍepi parāḿ ratim



1-2) O Krsna, these prayers are named the Krsna-lila-stava, and they have been written following the description formerly given (in the Srimad-Bhagavatam). These prayers contain one-hundred and eight obeisances to You, and the cause the reader to become liberated. O Lord, may those devotees who glorify You by reciting these prayers, quickly attain transcendental attraction to your form, name and pastimes, by Your mercy.



This is actually a part of Obeisance 108, although some re-translators will put this song as a separate end. Nonetheless, this is the final prayer of the Krsna Lila Stava.


UPDATED: June 26, 2009