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Song Name: Glory To Graceful Lovely Radha Who

Official Name: The Parrot’s Lesson

Author: Avadhuta Files

Book Name: None

Language: English




Glory to graceful lovely Radha who

Sitting in her jewel palace rooms,

Looking from Her windows at the blue

Sky and green hills and fragrant jasmine blooms



Decorating Her graceful long black braid,

Smiled and smiled and sat by Her pet bird.

Dearest dearest Radha, the word played

Upon Her tongue Dearest Radha, the word



Echoed in Her garrulous parrot's beak.

“I always think of You" soft smiling sweet

Sri Radha would then slowly slowly speak,

And the smart parrot would at once repeat.



Radha tried to teach Her pet by rote

The letter on a lotus Krsna wrote.



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UPDATED: June 26, 2009