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Song Name: Hare Krsna Mahamantra Of All Mantras Best

Official Name: Ten Offences To The Holy Name

Author: Bhakti Sundara Goswami

Book Name: None

Language: English




Hare Krsna Mahamantra—of all mantras the best,

Throughout the world is preached by saints’ potent grace behest;

Such saints to the Name devoted, such pure souls great:

Never dare offend them—ever show them hate.



Lord Krsna, son of Nanda, of all lords the Leader—

The great Siva and all the gods serve His feet forever;

The touchstone of the Name is Krsna incarnate—

His pastimes, nature, form, also think not separate.



“Guru’s a form of Krsna—the Scriptures corroborate;

In the form of Guru, Krsna blesses the fortunate.”

Never offend that Guru by thinking him mere mortal;

Gain your highest objective—serve the Name for time eternal.



The Vedas with Mother Gayatra and Srimad-Bhagavatam

Illuminate the lotus feet of Sri Hari’s Name;

Whoever vilifies those Holy Vedic Scriptures—

Never keep their company, know them as offenders.



The glories of the Name—all Scriptures’ exaltation;

Dare not think their praise to be exaggeration.

Agastya, Ananta, Brahma, Siva, etc., ever

Sing the glories of that Name with full-hearted fervor.

Who can cross the ocean of the glories of that Name?

Whoever says ‘exaggeration’ have their sin to blame.



The Holy Names of Krsna—eternal wealth of Goloka:

Who thinks those Names imaginary, mundane—he’s offender.



All Scriptures claim the Name all sin it can destroy,

But those who spend their time in sin making it a ploy—

Such a wicked attitude is that of an offender

Deceived by illusion, perpetually to suffer.



I comparable Name of Krsna—the treasure of ecstasy:

Never dare compare it with auspicious piety.



Those who’re faithless t’ward the Name—deceived by Providence:

Giving them the Holy Name surely’s an offence.



Despite them hearing the infinite glories of Krsna’s Name,

Those whose hearts don’t melt in love are rascals of ill fame;

Only pride and avarice their thoughts and deeds do yield—

The Pure Name of Krsna to them is ne’er revealed.



Casting off these ten offences, leaving no exception,

Those pure souls who chant the Name in Holy Congregation

The miracle of love for Krsna they will surely savor,

The Name Divine Himself will shine within their hearts forever.



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UPDATED: January 18, 2017