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Song Name: He’s Walking Through The Dead of Night

Official Name: None

Author: Parivadi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: English




He’s walking through the dead of night, he reached Arjuna’s camp

Asvatthama’s wicked mind was filled with cruel intent

To kill Draupadi’s sleeping sons, he raised his sharpened knife

And one and by one by heinous act, each son gave us his life.



The beating heart of Arjuna said, “His act was of surely low.”

The blazing eyes of copper fire, he took his vengeful vow

To pacify Draupadi’s grief, Arjuna then declared

That you shall take a bath upon this Asvatthama’s head.



As Krsna reigned the horses in, Arjuna took his stand

With binding speeds, their chariots soon sped across the land

Asvatthama’s beating heart was filled with deadly fear

To see Arjuna from afar, Krsna, his charioteer.



As his horses tired with no escape, Arjuna close in hand

Asvatthama understood he had to make a stand

He then released the blazing arrow of great veracity

While chanting hymns for throwing weapons of nuclear energy



The heat of this radiation spread out everywhere

The son of the Drona didn’t know how to retract the glare

Arjuna understood from Krsna what he had to do

How to counteract the weapon Asvatthama threw



Once he’s cast his weapons forth by the power of mantra’s sound

The burning rays of both brahmastras fiercely ends the ground

Standing forth scorching fire far into outer space

Annihilation of the planets was destined to take place



Arjuna being expert in the military field

At once, he’s retracted both brahmastras the fire was concealed

The all ends in a war of some five thousand years ago

Asvatthama surrendered to Arjuna's Gandiva bow



This song was featured in Parivadi Dasa’s recording of “Ancient Hymns” released through the Golden Avatar tape series (KT-25).


UPDATED: November 7, 2015