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Song Name: How How How How How How How How Can It Be?

Official Name: A Question for Philosophers

Author: “Avadhuta Files”

Book Name: None

Language: English




How how how how how how how how can it be?

It is true It is true It is true It is true It is true

But but but but but what does it mean “Will you

Please tell tell tell tell tell the answer to me?.”



It has baffled the greatest of sages Now they cannot see

The deep deep deep deep deep secret truth. Do a few

Or do ten or do five or do four or do three or do two,

Or do even one wise saintly sage know the truth¿ What should we



Think “Why why why does the master the ruler of all

Of the stars and the worlds and the devas and men, laughing dance

In the flower-filled forest?” “Why why does He call

The surabhi cows with His flute?” “Why why does He glance



In Sri Radhika's eyes?” “Why why why why does He tease

Vraja's beautiful lotus-eyed girls?” “Will you tell me please?”



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