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Song Name: I Bow Before Lord Krsnacandra’s Feet (I)

Official Name: A Prayer

Author: “Avadhuta Files”

Book Name: None

Language: English




I bow before Lord Krsnacandra's feet,

Feet filled with endless splendor and with grace,

Feet even learned thinkers cannot trace,

Feet with every happiness complete,



Feet with glorious nectar always sweet,

Feet bhaktas in their thoughts always embrace,

Feet that are the bhaktas garden place,

And these words I with broken voice repeat:



O master master take me from this world

So cruelly fenced about by birth and death,

A world where with a broken heart I live,



A world of thorns of poison arrows hurled,

A world so marred with battle at every breath,

And at Your feet to me a shelter give.



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UPDATED: October 27, 2015