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Song Name: I Bow Before Lord Krsnacandra’s Feet (II)

Official Name: Lord Krsnacandra Suddenly Stops

Author: “Avadhuta Files”

Book Name: None

Language: English




I bow before Lord Krsnacandra's feet,

Feet that with a dancing motion walk,

Feet with marks of gracefulness replete,

Feet that seem to eloquently talk



With jingling jewel anklets glistening,

Feet that mark the forest's sacred ground,

Feet that quickly stop as, listening

To the faraway and unexpected sound



Of Vrajapura's doe-eyed teenage girls

Talking and joking and laughing as they take

Wild flowers from the trees and as their curls

And eyes move restlessly the playful rake



Lord Krsnacandra stops O then arise

Festivals of smiles within His eyes.



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UPDATED: October 27, 2015