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Song Name: If You Can Understand How The Lord Appears

Official Name: Supreme Performances

Author: Parivadi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: English




If you can understand, how the Lord appears within this world

Can you understand, how the Lord performs His mystic plays

Just understand, how the Lord descends in every age

And you will never return here again

You will never come back to this world with many miseries



Lord Krsna comes in any mystic form

His incarnations are lighter than rays

To save the faithful pious souls

And remove the atheist class away.

Can you understand. Just understand



The Lord appears within this world

Just like rising morning sun

His praying grants you His “human feet”

The life and mind of everyone



He incarnates as an avatar

When true religion cannot be found

He reestablishes higher laws

He teaches through transcendental sound

Can you understand. Just understand



All attractive, of all in all

Creation, Krsna has appeared

Inviting all to join with him

In His eternal happy home



This song was featured in Parivadi Dasa’s Golden Avatara album, “Ancient Hymns”, released in 1983 as KT-25.


UPDATED: October 27, 2015