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Song Name: In Nineteen Hundred And Sixty-Five

Official Name: None

Author: Jake Carrigan

Book Name: None

Language: English




In nineteen hundred and sixty-five

The western world came alive

For there entered into this land

A very, very Special Man.



Coming here on His Guru's command

At sixty-nine, He was not a young man

After struggling hard for over a year

Finally we began to hear.

Krishna He!-Rama He!



After Chanting Hare Krishna in Tompkins Park

The newspapers finally made a remark

No one really knew then or had any idea

What the Swamiji brought from India.



The Transcendental message of the Bhagavatam

Into our language this knowledge has come

Now by the Mercy of His Divine Grace

Pure love of God has taken lust's place

And the bliss of the Holy Name of God we now taste.



With no help from His god brothers or anyone

Officials of India or even His own sons

Starting in the Bowery then on to San Francisco Bay

Trying to give the West a chance to be saved.



As time went on the movement grew in size

And then everyone began to realize

Prabhupad would not be with us for very long

What are we going to do when He's gone?

Prabhupada, Jaya (Jagat) Gurudev!



Speaking the words of the Supersoul

Surely He satisfied His Spiritual Master's goal

Giving the unfortunate pure devotional service

Giving us freely the key to spiritual bliss.



Now Prabhupad is gone, His reputation rests on us

We must teach the world what He has taught us

Just as His purity reflects on us

So must our activities make Him Glorious!



In nineteen hundred and seventy-seven

Srila Prabhupad returned to Heaven

Leaving us here to fulfill His plans

He was a very Special Man.



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