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Song Name: Jagabandhu He Gosain

Official Name: None

Author: Salabega

Book Name: None

Language: Odia





jagabandhu he gosāiń

tumbha śrī caraṇa binu ānya gati nāhiń



sātasa pacāśa kośa cāli na pārai

moha jivājāeń nandighoṣe thiva rahi



ratha cāri pāśe lambe mukutāra jharā

jhala mala diśuthāi prabhu cakāḍolā



bāiśī pāhacha tāle bikāhue bhāta

darśana teṇiki thāu kaivalye mukata



āge cāle balabhadra madhye cānda mukhīńre

āsuchi kāliā pache gahala lagāire



kahe sālabega hīna jātīre yavana

ehīmate ājńā heo 'siri bṛndāvana



1) O Friend of the World, there is no other destination but Your lotus feet.


2) It is very difficult to walk the 750 kosas to see You. You please remain on Nandighosa until then.


3) O Lord Cakadola, O Lord Jagannatha having large round eyes shaped like wheels, You look brilliant within the chariot  which is decorated with streaming festoons on all four sides.


4) Below the twenty-two steps leading to Your abode I can achieve liberation by taking the dry-rice prasadam available there. Having Your darsana can wait until later.


5) Balabhadra moves in the front with moon-shaped Subhadra in the middle. At the rear comes Kalia, Jagannatha, the blackish one, creating a big commotion.


6) Salabega, of low birth, begs permission to be somehow allowed to reside in Sri Vrndavana.



In verse 2, the word “kosa” is mentioned One kosa equals roughly 2 miles. 750 kosas refers to the distance from Vrndavana to Puri. 'Nandighosa' is the name of Jagannatha's chariot.


In verse 5, there is a mention of rice prasadam and Jagannatha’s temple. There are 22 steps leading from the public street into the Jagannatha temple. Fresh-rice prasad is only available inside the temple. Dry-rice prasad is available on the public street.


This song was translated by Gopal Jiu Publications and printed in the fourth issue of Sri Krishna Kathamrita magazine entitled, "The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-yatra".


UPDATED: January 29, 2017