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Song Name: Krpayati Yadi Radha Bhadhitasesa

Official Name: Radha Prarthana

Author: Vithalacarya

Book Name: None

Language: Sanskrit




kṛpayati yadi rādhā bādhitāśeṣa-bādhā

kim apara-viśiṣṭaḿ puṣṭi-maryādayor me

yadi vadati ca kińcit smera-hāsodita-śrīr

dvija-vara-maṇi-pańktyā mukti-śuktyā tadā kim



śyāmasundara śikhaṇḍa-śekhara

smera-hāsa muralī-manohara

rādhikā-rasika māḿ kṛpā-nidhe

sva-priyā-caraṇa-kińkarīḿ kuru





rādhikā-pada-tale kṛta-sthitiḿ

tvāḿ bhajāmi rasikendra-śekhara



saḿvidhāya daśane tṛṇaḿ vibho

prārthaye vraja-mahendra-nandana

astu mohana tavāti-vallabhā

janma-janmani mad-īśvarī priyā



1) If Srimati Radhika is merciful to me, then all obstacles to my devotion will be removed. There will be nothing more for me to attain because I will have received the fruits offered by the paths of both vaidhi-marga and raga-marga. And if She will speak to me while smiling gently, I will see Her brilliant rows of teeth which are like lines of priceless jewels. Having seen them one time, the goal of gaining liberation from material existence will be rendered insignificant.


2) O Syamasundara! O You whose head is adorned with peacock feathers! Your face is always graced with a playful smile, Your flute-playing is enchanting, and You are expert in relishing rasa with Srimati Radhika. Because You are an ocean of mercy, I am appealing to You to please make me a kinkari (maidservant) at the feet of Your beloved.


3) You are the Lord of the life of the daughter of Vrsabhanu Maharaja and are like a bee who is always eager to taste the nectar of Her lips. O Rasika-sekhara, foremost of those who are rasika! I don’t desire anything other than to always reside at the feet of Srimati Radhika.


4) O Nanda-nandana! O all-pervading Prabhu! O You who enchant my mind, and indeed, the minds of all! Taking a piece of straw in my teeth, my humble entreaty to You is that She, who is the love of Your life, will remain my dear worshipable goddess birth after birth.



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UPDATED: June 28, 2009