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Song Name: Like A Fallen Demigod

Official Name: Passing Away of Bhisma

Author: Parivadi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: English




Like a fallen demigod on the ground, Great Bhismadeva the name, lying on a bed of arrows about to pass away

Krsna and the five Pandavas came to the battlefield along with all great souls of the universe they sorrowfully kneeled



Narada, Vyasa, Sukadeva, and Lord Parsurama stood around the grandsire warrior and lay completely calm

He spoke to all the saints and kings and to Yuddhisthira, but Lord Sri Krsna is Supreme, but most were unaware



The beauty of Lord Krsna’s eyes beamed like the rising sun appeared before Great Bhismadeva whose final hour had come

While he instructed ruling laws unto King Yuddhisthira the sun ran its course into the Northern Hemisphere.



At such when mystics depart at their own will, and Bhisma’s pure desire was finally fulfilled

Praying to Lord Krsna, who advented on this earth, Bhisma showed how pure devotion saves one from rebirth



He thought of how Lord Krsna had traversed the battlefield, and how He tell the shot of arrows to shatter Krsna’s shield

Taking up the wheel, to protect His friend, Arjuna, Krsna challenged Bhisma just as the final conch shell blew



At last, Bhisma fixed his mind upon the Supersoul, and as his breathing stopped, he attained the highest goal

Everyone was silent like the birds at the end of day, while to the transcendental realm, Great Bhisma passed away.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This is an evergreen song sung by late Parivadi prabhu from New Zealand. This song is featured in his album for ISKCON’s Golden Avatar series, “Ancient Hymns (KT-25)” featured in 1983. Another cover version as sung by Bhakti Rasa prabhu as a tribute to Parivadi prabhu.


UPDATED: January 29, 2017