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Song Name: Look! It Is A Peaceful Springtime Day

Official Name: A Spring Day

Author: Avadhuta Files

Book Name: None

Language: English




Look It is a peaceful springtime day.

Like silent sages all the cows now sit

In shade The Yamuna's dark waves are lit

By sunshine Now the leaping black deer play



In forest groves Lord Krsna finds His way

Among the flowering trees Now infinite

Graces adorn His limbs Now sweet smiles flit

Across His eyes He walks Where will He stay?



Playful charming Krsna stops Now where

Will He sit? He finds a flowering tree's root

His anklets jingle A peacock feather crown

Adorns His graceful curly jet black hair.

A garland of flowers adorns His chest Sitting down

He sings graceful languid melodies on His flute.



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UPDATED: June 28, 2009