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Song Name: Look O Slender Graceful Gopi Friend

Official Name: A Gopi Mistakens Lord Krsna for the Moon

Author: Avadhuta Files

Book Name: None

Language: English




Look O slender graceful gopi friend!

The smiling charming glistening moon stepping down

From the darkened night sky walks now in Sri Vraja's town.

Look Now with a jesting smiling playful bend



Of His eyebrows the restless, sweet poet moon seems to send

A message with a playful, graceful frown.

Look Now the sweet moon's peacock-feather crown

Moves in the breeze Look Now the moving end



Of His fingers dance on the flute and His smiling lips kiss

The happily singing flute's mouth Look at the sweet

Nectar moonlight that shines from His brow to His waist to His feet.



Look at necklace of colorful flowers that rest

On the glorious moon of His neck and His arms and His chest.

Look Now the glistening moon fills the forest with bliss.



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UPDATED: November 1, 2015