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Song Name: O Graceful Charming King of Lotus Flowers

Official Name: A Gopi Greets Lord Krsnacandra

Author: Avadhuta Files

Book Name: None

Language: English




O graceful charming king of lotus flowers,

O rake whose cooling glorious charming moon

Like face now places a limitless glorious boon

Of bliss and grace on the million million bowers



Of blossoms that are Your every limb, and showers

Endless floods of nectar that make noon

Of night in the gardens of Your smiles O soon

To be speaking smiling king of pleasant hours,



To us gentle-hearted gopis please make clear

Why amongst us You have come We pray

With Your kind sweet words and deeds You'll please us.



We trust and hope O charming smiling dear

King of the lotus flowers You'll not play

The role of taking joking tolls to tease us.



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UPDATED: November 8, 2015