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Song Name: Om Sri Krsnaya Namah

Official Name: Sri Krsna Astottara Sata Nama

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Sanskrit




(1) oḿ śrī-kṛṣṇāya namaḥ


(2) oḿ kamala-nathāya namaḥ


(3) oḿ vāsudevāya namaḥ


(4) oḿ sanātanāya namaḥ


(5) oḿ vāsudevātmajāya namaḥ


(6) oḿ puṇyāya namaḥ


(7) oḿ līlā-manuṣa-vigrahāya namaḥ


(8) oḿ śrīvatsa-kaustubha-dharāya namaḥ


(9) oḿ yaśodā-vatsalāya namaḥ


(10) oḿ haraye namaḥ


(11) oḿ caturbhujatta-cakrasi-gada-śaṇkhaḿbujāyudhāya namaḥ


(12) oḿ devakī-nandanāya namaḥ


(13) oḿ śrīsāya namaḥ


(14) oḿ nanda-gopa-prīyātmajāya namaḥ


(15) oḿ yamunā-vega-saḿhārine namaḥ


(16) oḿ balabhadra-prīyanujāya namaḥ


(17) oḿ putanā-jīvita-harāya namaḥ


(18) oḿ śakatāsura-bhañjanāya namaḥ


(19) oḿ nanda-vraja-janānandine namaḥ


(20) oḿ sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahāya namaḥ


(21) oḿ navanita-viliptańgāya namaḥ


(22) oḿ navanita-naṭāya namaḥ


(23) oḿ anāghāya namaḥ


(24) oḿ navanita-navaharāya namaḥ


(25) oḿ mucukuṇḍa-prasādakāya namaḥ


(26) oḿ ṣoḍaśa-strī-sahasreśāya namaḥ


(27) oḿ tribhańgi-madhurakṛtaye namaḥ


(28) oḿ suka-vag-amrtabdhindave namaḥ


(29) oḿ govindāya namaḥ


(30) oḿ yogīnām pataye namaḥ


(31) oḿ vatsa-pālana-sańcarine namaḥ


(32) oḿ anantāya namaḥ


(33) oḿ dhenukāsura-mardanāya namaḥ


(34) oḿ tṛṇi-kṛta-tṛṇavartāya namaḥ


(35) oḿ yamalārjuna-bhajanāya namaḥ


(36) oḿ uttala-tala-bhetre namaḥ


(37) oḿ tamāla-śyamalākrtaye namaḥ


(38) oḿ gopa-gopīzvarāya namaḥ


(39) oḿ yogine namaḥ


(40) oḿ koṭi-sūrya-sama-prabhāya namaḥ


(41) oḿ ilāpataye namaḥ


(42) oḿ parasmai jyotise namaḥ


(43) oḿ yādavendrāya namaḥ


(44) oḿ yadu-dvahāya namaḥ


(45) oḿ vanamāline namaḥ


(46) oḿ pīta-vasase namaḥ


(47) oḿ parijātapahārakāya namaḥ


(48) oḿ govardhanacaloddhartre namaḥ


(49) oḿ gopalāya namaḥ


(50) oḿ sarva-pālakāya namaḥ


(51) oḿ ajāya namaḥ


(52) oḿ nirāńjanāya namaḥ


(53) oḿ kāma-janakāya namaḥ


(54) oḿ kañja-locanāya namaḥ


(55) oḿ madhughne namaḥ 


(56) oḿ mathurā-nāthāya namaḥ


(57) oḿ dvarakā-nāyakāya namaḥ


(58) oḿ baline namaḥ


(59) oḿ vṛndāvanānta-sańcārine namaḥ


(60) oḿ tulasī-dama-bhūṣanāya namaḥ


(61) oḿ syāmantaka-maner hartre namaḥ


(62) oḿ nara-nārāyaṇātmakāya namaḥ


(63) oḿ kubjākṛṣtambara-dharāya namaḥ


(64) oḿ mayine namaḥ


(65) oḿ parama-puruṣāya namaḥ


(66) oḿ muṣṭikāsura-canura-malla-yuddha-viśāradāya namaḥ


(67) oḿ saḿsāra-vairine namaḥ


(68) oḿ kaḿsāraye namaḥ


(69) oḿ murāraye namaḥ


(70) oḿ narakantakāya namaḥ


(71) oḿ anādi-brahmacārine namaḥ


(72) oḿ kṛṣṇavyasana-karṣakāya namaḥ


(73) oḿ śiṣupāla-śīras-chetre namaḥ


(74) oḿ duryodhana-kulantakāya namaḥ


(75) oḿ vidurākrura-varadāya namaḥ


(76) oḿ viśvarūpa-pradarśakāya namaḥ


(77) oḿ satya-vāce namaḥ


(78) oḿ satya-sańkalpāya namaḥ


(79) oḿ satyabhāma-ratāya namaḥ


(80) oḿ jayine namaḥ


(81) oḿ subhadra-pūrvajāya namaḥ


(82) oḿ viṣṇave namaḥ


(83) oḿ bhīṣma-mukti-pradāyakāya namaḥ


(84) oḿ jagad-gurave namaḥ


(85) oḿ jagannāthāya namaḥ


(86) oḿ venu-naḍa-śaradāya namaḥ


(87) oḿ vṛṣabhāsura-vidhvamsine namaḥ


(88) oḿ banāsura-karantakāya namaḥ


(89) oḿ yudhisthira-pratiṣṭhatre namaḥ


(90) oḿ barhi-varhavatamsakāya namaḥ


(91) oḿ partha-sārathaye namaḥ


(92) oḿ avyaktāya namaḥ


(93) oḿ gītāmṛta-mahodadhaye namaḥ


(94) oḿ kāliya-phāni-manikya-rańjita-śrī-padambujāya namaḥ


(95) oḿ dāmodarāya namaḥ


(96) oḿ yajña-bhoktre namaḥ


(97) oḿ dānavendra-vināśakāya namaḥ


(98) oḿ nārāyaṇāya namaḥ


(99) oḿ para-brahmane namaḥ


(100) oḿ pannagāsana-vāhanāya namaḥ


(101) oḿ jala-krīḍasamasakta-gopī-vastrapaharakāya namaḥ


(102) oḿ puṇya-ślokāya namaḥ


(103) oḿ tīrtha-karāya namaḥ


(104) oḿ veda-vedyāya namaḥ


(105) oḿ dāya-nidhaye namaḥ


(106) oḿ sarva-bhūtātmakāya namaḥ


(107) oḿ sarva-graha-rūpine namaḥ


(108) oḿ parat-parāya namaḥ



1) Om! Obeisance to… the all-attractive Sri Krsna


2) The Lord of Laksmi, Kamala


3) The all-pervading Lord


4) The eternal Lord


5) The son of Vasudeva


6) Who is consummate piety


7) Who enacts pastimes of humanlike form


8) Bearer of Srivatsa and kaustubha


9) The object of Yasoda's maternal affections


10) Hari, Who takes away


11) In Whose four hands are the wheel, club, conch, and lotus weapons


12) Delight/son of Devaki


13) Lord of Sri (Laksmi)


14) Dear son of the cowherd Nanda


15) Who checked the flow of the Yamuna


16) Dear younger brother of Balabhadra


17) Who took the life of Putana


18) Who decimated the cart demon (Sakatasura)


19) Delighter of Nanda & the other people of Vraja


20) Whose body is being, cognizance, and bliss


21) Whose limbs are smeared with fresh butter


22) Who dances for butter


23) About Whom nothing is impure or repulsive


24) Whose first food was fresh butter


25) Who graced Mucukunda


26) Lord of 16,000 women


27) The sweet, threefold-bending form


28) The moon (produced out of) of the nectar-ocean of Sukadeva Gosvami's words


29) Who pleases His cows, land & senses


30) Lord of the yogIs


31) Who goes about caring for calves


32) The unlimited


33) Who beat up the ass-demon Dhenukasura


34) Who made short work of the whirlwind Trnavarta


35) Who broke the two Arjuna trees


36) Who broke all the big, tala trees (killing Dhenuka)


37) Who is blackish like a Tamala tree


38) Lord of the gopas and gopIs


39) The Yogi


40) Bright as millions of suns


41) Lord of Ila, the earth


42) The Supreme light  


43) King of the Yadu clan


44) The preeminent leader of the Yadus


45) Wearing a garland of forest flowers


46) Wearing yellow garments


47) Who stole the parijata flower


48) Who held up the Govardhana mountain


49) Protector of cows, Gopala


50) Protector of everything


51) Birthless


52) The unblemished Lord


53) Who incites the gopis desires


54) Lotus-eyed


55) Slayer of the demon Madhu


56) Lord of Mathura


57) The hero of Dvaraka


58) The strong Lord


59) Who loiters about the outskirts of VrRndavana


60) Who wears a Tulasi garland


61) Who appropriated the Syamantaka jewel


62) The selfsame Nara-Narayana


63) Who bears the sandal paste taken from Kubja


64) Magician, master of Maya


65) Supreme person


66) Who expertly fought the wrestlers Mustika & Canura


67) Enemy of material existence


68) Kamsa's enemy


69) Mura's enemy


70) Who dispensed the demon Naraka


71) The eternal brahmacari


72) Krsna, Who draws one away from attachment to vice


73) Who split the head of Sisupala


74) Who ended the dynasty of Duryodhana


75) Who benedicted Vidura and Akrura


76) Who displayed the universal form


77) Who speaks the truth


78) Whose determination is fact


79) Who is predisposed toward Satyabhama


80) The conqueror


81) Who appeared before Subhadra


82) Lord Visnu


83) Who gave liberation to Bhisma


84) Preceptor of the worlds


85) Lord of the universe (Jagannatha)


86) Expert in playing His flute


87) Who destroyed the demon Vrsabhasura


88) Who vanquished Banasura's arms


89) Who installed King Yudhisthira


90) Whose crest is decorated with peacock feathers


91) Charioteer of Partha (Arjuna)


92) The Unmanifest


93) Great nectar-ocean of Gita


94) Whose beautiful lotus feet danced on the jeweled hoods of the Kaliya serpent.


95) Bound up at the waist


96) The enjoyer of (everyone else's) sacrifices


97) Destroyer of the leading demons


98) Lord Narayana, Visnu


99) The Supreme absolute Truth


100) Whose mount (Garuda) devours snakes


101) Who stole the gopis clothing while they played in the water


102) Whose poetic depictions are virtuous


103) Creator of holy places


104) The Vedas, and what is known by them


105) Repository of compassion


106) The self of all created beings


107) the form of everyone's fate


108) Transcendental even to the transcendental



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