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Song Name: Para Karenge Naiya Re

Official Name: None

Author: Traditional

Book Name: None

Language: Hindi




pār kareńge naiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā,

kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā dāūjī ke bhaiyā

kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā vaḿśī bajaiyā,

mākhana curaiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā



kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā girivara uṭhaiyā,

kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā rāsa racaiyā

pāra kareńge naiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā



mitra sudāmā taṇḍula lāe,

gale lagā prabhu bhoga lagāye

kahā kahā kaha bhaiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā



arjuna ratha raṇa meń hākā,

śyāmaliyā giridhārī bākā

kālī-nāga nathaiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā



drupata-sutā jaba duṣṭana gherī,

rākhī lāja na kīnī derī

āgaye cīra baḍhaiyā re, bhaja kṛṣṇa kanhaiyā



1) Worship Kanhaiya, the brother of Balarama. Kanhaiya's lotus feet are the boat to take us across the ocean of material life.


2) Worship Kanhaiya, that Krsna who stays in Vraja, playing the flute and from every gopi's house steals the butter (that is, the soft and pure white hearts that are like butter).


3) Worship Kanhaiya, that Krsna who lifted Govardhana Hill and performed the rasa-lila. His lotus feet are the boat to take us across the ocean of material life.


4) When his friend Sudama brought Him some low-grade rice, He accepted it, embraced him and cried, "O My brother, you haven't come for such a long time! Where have you been? Did you forget Me?" Worship that Krsna!


5) In the Mahabharata war Syamaliya (sweet, black, crooked Krsna) became Arjuna's chariot driver, directing the horses on the battlefield. He lifted Govardhana Hill at such a tender age and He subdued Kaliya Naga by putting a rope through his nose, dragging him out of the Yamuna, Worship that Krsna!


6) Worship that Kanhaiya who immediately came to protect Draupadi's chastity by increasing her cloth unlimitedly when she was surrounded by so many wicked men.



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CREDITS: Thank you to Atul Krsna prabhu for the contribution of this song.


UPDATED: July 7, 2009