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Song Name: Paro Sakhi Jhulan Me Jhajaro

Official Name: Nikunja Madhuri

Author: Krpalu Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Braja Bhasa




paro sakhi, jhūlan me jhajaro

ratana khacita candan ko jhulanā, yamunā pulina paro,



lalitā kahī, "calo jhūlana kaham, dovu ṭhākura hamāro",

kahyo lāla "lāḍilihim jhulāvaim, nahi haum rahata kharo",



kahyo lāḍilihu "lāla jhulāvaim", vacana gumāna bharo

taba 'kṛpālu' kaha hari te "tuma kata ājuhim nayī karo!"



1) Some thing very special happened today! Instead of enjoying the Swing Lila, the Divine Couple entered into a unique Love Quarrel!! The eternal associates, Sakhis and the dedicated gopis have arranged the beautiful swing made of sandalwood and studded with precious diamonds, hung from the blooming fragrant Kadamba tree on the sandy bank of Yamuna River, in a charming bower for the swinging pleasure of the Divine Couple.


2) Lalita Sakhi has made a cordial request, "O dear Sweethearts! We invite Our precious Lordships to enjoy the pastime of swing lila showering Divine joy on all the blessed souls!" Then the naughty, quarrelsome Young Boy, Sri Krishna said with a smile, "Let My Fair Girl sit alone on the swing today. I feel like doing My 'seva' (loving service) of pushing gently while Her Highness is seated Herself upon the blessed swing! If not, I am standing right here firmly!! I am not going to move at all from here nor joining Her in the playful swinging!"


3) Hearing His words, the tender Sweet Girl, Radharani arrogantly replies with pride and distaste, "Let the mischievous Boy be seated alone on the swing today! I have no desire to accompany Him. I, too, long to enjoy rocking My Lord slowly on the swing in gentle movements!!" Her words are full of feigned anger and Her decision seems to be final. All the Sakhis and playmates are very much disappointed as their Lordships have entered into this love quarrel and Both of Them decided not to swing together, unless Their demand is met. Krpalu Dasa then prays to Lord Beloved, Hari, "O my precious Divine Beloved! Why have you resorted to this unwelcome decision today? I am fully aware of Your heart-felt desire to serve Your Soul selflessly. Please also consider the yearning of Your surrendered souls to be engaged in Your Loving service. Graciously reconcile with Your Mistress and let us all enjoy the celebration of Your playful pastime of Swing Lila to our hearts' content! Come on, kindly be seated upon the swing so that we can gently push Both of You together!"



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