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Song Name: Pranam Tomay Ghana-Syam

Official Name: None

Author: Anonymous

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





praṇām tomāy ghana-śyām



tomār caraṇa śaraṇa kori

abhoy ei bār ho’bo hari

duḥkha sāgor jābo tori

tori kari tomār nām



āmarā paḍi ghumāy prabhu

tomār nitya jāgaran

kṣane kṣane ghaṭāo ye bhūl

cakṣe moder āvaraṇ



sei āvaraṇ ghucāo hari

dārāo yugāl mūrti dhari

dekhi tomāy nayana bhari

pūrṇa kori manuśkām



Refrain: All obeisances to You, O Ghana-syam!


1) Taking refuge at Your lotus feet, now I will become fearless, O Lord! I will cross the ocean of miseries by the boat of Your Holy Name.


2) O Lord, we have fallen into sleep, while You are ever awake. Every moment we can only make errors, our eyes being covered by illusion.


3) Please remove this covering, my Lord, so I may behold Your form as the Divine Couple, with Sri Radha by Your side. I will gaze at You until my hankering eyes are pacified, thus fulfilling my soul’s desire.


Remarks/ Extra Information:

This song is sung in Raga Misra Bhairavi in Bhajani Tala. The version presented above is the original version.


This song was popularized by Vaiyasaki Dasa in his 1991 album “Bhakti-Ratna Mala.” There are some variations from the above version.


Verse 1: “abhay ei bār dāo he hari” and “tori kari tava nām

Verse 2: “amrā kori ghumāy prabhu” and “cakṣe moher āvaraṇ

Verse 3: “dekhbo tomāy nayana bhari.”


This bhajan is also featured in the film Mejdidi (1951) sung by Kanan Devi.


Verse 2 is sung without the refrain. Verse 3 immediately follows Verse 2.



    Pranam Tomai Ghanasyam


UPDATED: November 24, 2015