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Song Name: Radha Pyari Saha Khelato Nanda Dulal

Official Name: None

Author: Uddhava Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali




rādhā pyāri saha khelato nanda dulāl

aruṇita marakata, aruṇita hema yuta,

aichana mūrati rasāla



aruṇāmbara vara, śohe kalevara,

aruṇa moti maṇimāl

(eho - aruṇa mati maṇimāl)

naṭapaṭi pāga, upore śikhi candraka,

uṛanī rańga golāl



duhuń kore ābira, duhuń ańge ḍārato,

picakā rańge pākhāl

(eho - picakā rańge pākhāl)

aruṇita yamunā, pulina kuja vana,

aruṇita yuvatī māl



aruṇita taru kula, aruṇita latā phula,

aruṇita bhramar-gaṇa bhāl

(eho - aruṇita bhramar-gaṇa bhāl)

aruṇita śāri śuka,śikhi kokila,

uddhava bhaṇita rasāl

(mero rādhā pyāri saha, rādhā pyāri saha khelata nanda dulāl)



1) Nanda Dulal plays with His dear Radha. Their succulent forms, that resemble emeralds and gold, are both red.


2) Their bodies are beautified by splendid reddened garments, and They wear strings of red pearls and gems. On top of Krsna's dancing turban is a peacock feather and this plus Radharani's veil is colored pink.


3) They both carry abira in Their hands and strew it over Each other's bodies. They also squirt colored water over Each other through syringes. The Yamuna is red, the kunja-vanas (grove-woods) on the bank of the Yamuna are red and the string of young girls of Vraja is also red.


4) The trees are red, the vines and flowers are red and the string of bees within them are also red. The Sari and Suka-parrots are red, the peacocks and the cuckoos are red and Uddhava dasa sings this tasty song.



This song is sung in Raga Gujari Todi in Dhamali Tala.


In Verse 2, this line is sometimes sung instead of the third line of this pada : aruṇita rādhākuṇḍa, aruṇita kuja vana - Rādhākuṇḍa is red and the kujas on its banks are also red.


UPDATED: July 7, 2009