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Song Name: Radhe Gloria A Ti Oh Amada De Madhava

Official Name: Sri Sri Radhika Pada-Padme Vijñapati

Author: Atulananda Acarya

Book Name: None

Language: Spanish




Radhe, gloria a Ti, ¡oh! amada de Madhava,

la más querida niña de Gokula



Vistes dando éxtasis a Damodara,

Eres la reina de Hari y toda Vraja



De Vrisabhanu, naces cual luna nueva,

Lalita y Vishaka de Tus dotes se alegran



Dame Tu gracia, ¡Oh misericordiosa!,

Sanaka y Sanatan, Tus glorias elogian.



1) O Radha! O beloved of Madhava! O You who are worshiped by all the young girls of Gokula! All glories unto You! All glories unto You!


2-4) You who dress Yourself in such a way as to increase Lord Damodara's love and attachment for You! O queen of Vrndavana, which is the pleasure grove of Lord Hari! O new moon that has arisen from the ocean of King Vrsabhanu! O friend of Lalita! O You who make Visakha loyal to You due to Your wonderful qualities of friendliness, kindness, and faithfulness to Krsna! O You who are filled with compassion! O You whose divine characteristics are described by the great sages Sanaka and Sanatana! O Radha, please be merciful to me!



This is the Spanish translation of the song “Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava Dayite.”


UPDATED: July 7, 2009