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Song Name: Raja Rani Mira

Official Name: None

Author: Mira Bai

Book Name: None

Language: Bengali





rāj-rāṇī mīrā bhikhāriṇī

giridhāri tomār lāgiyā



(āmi) pathe pathe ghuri bhikhāriṇī

hari nām bhikhā māgiyā go



loke bole mīrā pāgalinī

rāṇā kohe kūla kalańkinī

mīrā kohe prabhu giridhāri

(mīrā) āśā pathe royeche chāhīyā go



ei jivane mīrā abhāginī

śyāma virohe cira-virohinī

dekha dāo prabhujī! prabhujī!

mīrā kāńde tomār lāgiyā

kāńdāiyo nā abhāgire

rākho more ańge miśāya go



giridhāri tomār prāṇ mirār

giridhāri tomār lāgiyā



Refrain: The queen Mira is simply a beggar-woman, but only for Your sake, O Giridhari!


1) I simply wander here and there like a mendicant, but I seek only the alms of Your holy name.


2) People say, “Mira has become a madwoman.” The King says, “She has disgraced her family.” But Mira says, “O Lord Giridhari, my only desire is to remain at Your lotus feet.”


3) In this life, Mira has become unfortunate! Being separated by Syama, I have become forever longing in separation. O Prabhuji! Kindly reveal Yourself to me! Mira simply weeps for You, my Lord. Please don’t make this most unfortunate person cry any more. Please keep me tightly embraced, as if united with Your own body.


4) O Giridhari! You are the life and soul of Mira! Only for Your sake, Giridhari!



This song was originally Hindi, but translated into Bengali by Bangladeshi Vaisnavas.


Vaiyasaki Dasa popularized this song in ISKCON through his 1991 album “Bhakti Ratna Mala.” His version, excluded the first two lines in Verse 3.


Mahesh Ranjan Shome sang Verse 3 in full, and deleted Verse 4.


Both of the above renditions were rendered in Raga Misra Pilu in Kaherva Tala/Bhajani Tala.


UPDATED: November 25, 2015