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Song Name: Sakhi Go Kemate Dharibo Paran

Official Name: Siksastakam Song 7 Part 3

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Gitavali

Language: Bengali





sakhi go, kemate dharibo parāṇ

nimeṣa hoilo yugera samān



śrāvanera dhārā,  āńkhi-variṣoy,

śūnya bhelo dharā-tala

govinda-virahe,  prāna nāhi rohe,

kemone vāńcibo bolo



bhakativinoda,  asthira hoiyā,

punaḥ nāmāśraya kori’

ḍāke rādhā-nātha,  diyā daraśan,

prāṇa rākho, nāhe mari



1) O my dear girlfriend! How will I maintain my life? The passing of a mere moment has become like a vast age of time.


2) Tears flow from my eyes like torrents of rain in the month of Sravana, and the face of the earth has become totally void. In separation from Govinda my life cannot go on... please tell how I will be able to live.


3) Bhaktivinoda has become very restless and again takes shelter of the holy name, calling out, "O Lord of Radha! By bestowing Your audience, please save my life! By Your mercy alone I shall not perish!"



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UPDATED: August 15, 2017