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Song Name: Sitting Deep Within My Heart

Official Name: Within Subtle Walls

Author: Parivadi Dasa

Book Name: None

Language: English




Sitting deep within my heart, I think Iíll be coming free

Trapped inside the walls of the mind, darkness covering me

A sentence lasts many lifetimes, but Iíll never change my age

Forced by illusion, I think I am the cage



Oh wise men! Wise men! What is reality?

Oh wise men! Open my eyes! Handing me the key!

Freedom from illusion, was the matchless gift he gave

New worlds of life, truth, and beauty opened within my mind

Transcendental land of color never changed by time

Where the Reservoir of Pleasure plays in bliss eternally

The Lord of love, Sri Govinda, is calling out to me



Dear Krsna and Balarama, can we go to the forest and play

Your mother, Yasoda, is calling you, do you have to go away?

Dear Krsna, You are so enchanting, fragrant flowers within Your hair

The lovely lotus petal eyes seek Radharani, is She there?

Dear Krsna, see the peacocks dance, trying hard to catch Your style

The naughty, colored butterflies seek the honey of Your smile

Dear Krsna and Balarama, can we help You tend the cows

Taking them to Madhuvana, along the forest paths

Dear Krsna, can you take me home, donít mind this humble plea

The low-lives turned away from You, only You can set me free



This song was featured in late Parivadi Dasís album ďAncient Hymns.Ē


UPDATED: July 10, 2009