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Song Name: Smiling Nityananda at His Side

Official Name: Mangalacarana for Lord Caitanya

Author: “Avadhuta Files”

Book Name: None

Language: English




Smiling Nityananda at His side,

Lord Caitanya dances in the street.

Of Navadvipa. Now His graceful wide

Open eyes are blossoming lotus flowers His feet



Bless the path His tall and sweet and fair

Form gently moves with endless charming grace.

On every side around Him now the air

Is filled with His own holy names His face



Is splendid like a million moons His hands

Are raised above His head Now a great host

Of bhaktas follows close behind Gold bands

Glisten on His waving arms A most



Glorious splendor fills His every limb.

I offer my obeisances to Him.



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UPDATED: July 10, 2009